Mes: mayo 2015

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2nd Regional Cachopo and Cachopines Contest of Asturias

As de Picas restaurant presents its 2nd generation Cachopo (cured ham and cheese inside two veal fillets, breaded and fried) and 1st generation Cachopin (mini-cachopo) to a contest with more than one hundred participants.

The Cachopo is in style. 105 restaurants in all of Asturias will participate in the second edition of this regional cachopo and cachopines contest organized by the Diario El Comercio and the Guia del Cachopo (Cachopo Guide).

This time, As de Picas restaurant is presenting two creations, one that will be served in the dining room and a second one that you can order at the cafe. The “2nd generation” cachopo, made with Asturian veal, is stuffed with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, Iberian cured ham and roasted pear, accompanied by potatoes, peppers and garlic, all for 16 euros. The “1st generation” cachopin is made with Iberian sirloin and stuffed with bodega cured ham, white asparagus, Edam cheese and bell peppers for 6€.

The winner will be chosen by a jury of gastronomic experts that will sample all the varieties of cachopo and cachopin at each establishment. The jury will visit the establishments sometime between May 14 and 24 and will identify themselves upon arrival. They will first choose the 10 finalists, which will then participate in the final test that will be held on Tuesday, May 26, at a neutral competition establishment. In addition, customers will be able to form a part of the popular jury and vote for their favorite cachopos online. The winners will receive a special prize.