On February 22, 2006, As de Pica’s restaurant opened its doors for the first time in the center of Gijon, as one of the fundamental pillars of the Asturias Casino. After two years of renovations directed by architect Jose Antonio Perez Lastra, the largest entertainment center in the Principality of Asturias came to life and gave a second chance to the historic Cine Hernan Cortes (Hernan Cortes Cinema) building.

mesa restaurante as de picas

As de Picas cuisine is known for creating new recipes while, at the same time, preserving traditional flavors. Its seasonal menu, made with the highest-quality dishes and products, is accompanied by the most elaborate fixed price menu in the entire city. The restaurant also organizes and participates in gastronomic events.

In its modern circular dining room, which has a capacity for fifty people, the small details, decoration and lighting provide a serene, neutral and elegant feel, a tranquil atmosphere that makes it the ideal location for celebrations, business meals or family reunions.

A large cafe accompanies the restaurant and has turned into a regular spot for Gijon locals, attracted by its coffee, wide variety of wine and liquor, and its select tapas menu.

In short, this is a culinary project backed by hard working and experienced professionals who put the best products from both land and sea onto your table with the passion, care and love needed to engrave an authentic gastronomic experience into the minds of every single customer.